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I believed it would justify the means

Forgive me my sins

Character: Leo M. (full surname unknown)
Canon: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Version: Video game
Canon Point: After the main game, before Hiro seeks him out in the epilogue.
Age: 20, though he appears older due to his demeanor and countenance.
Gender: Male

History: Leo was born in the small, friendly village of Raculi a few years before his sister Mauri. As the siblings grew up happily with their parents, the two of them befriended a mischievous boy named Ronfar, to whom Mauri took an instant shine. The three children were nigh inseparable, spending as much time as they could together – and when a monster made its way into the village and attacked Mauri, Ronfar instantly sprang to her defense. Though this did them no good (luckily, however, adults found and rescued them before the creature could cause any more harm), it caused them to grow closer, and Leo and Ronfar were the best of friends afterwards.

The three of them grew up together, and Leo watched happily as Ronfar and Mauri fell in love. The siblings would often stay up all night, laughing and talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Once again, they had something in common, as all three wanted to dedicate their lives to the Goddess Althena. Ronfar became a gifted priest, becoming a powerful member of the Chosen of the Goddess and even being allowed into Pentagulia, and Leo’s excellent swordsmanship drew the attention of Althena’s Guard. Mauri, in the meanwhile, seemed on her way to become a priestess when tragedy struck. A terrible plague swept Raculi, presumably killing the friends’ parents and leaving Mauri deathly ill. Leo could not bear to see his beloved younger sister in pain and neither could Ronfar. The young man tried with all of his might to cure the terrible disease, but to no avail.

Just when all hope seemed lost, however, a cure came to the village in the form of a magical potion. Mauri grew well, but Ronfar, who suffered from terrible guilt over being unable to save his love, quit the priesthood and left the village, leaving Mauri heartbroken and Leo angry.

Years passed, and Leo found himself at the head of Althena’s Guard under the direct command of the Goddess Herself. Through hard work and raw talent, Leo became one of the Four Heroes, the White Knight, and became charged with destroying the Destroyer and saving his world. Althena gifted him with the Dragonship Destiny, and Leo made his way to the Salyan Desert, where he made the acquaintance of a young adventurer named Hiro and what seemed to be a flying pink cat called Ruby. Though he could tell that Hiro had a kind heart, this did not stop him from ruthlessly pursuing the boy after he liberated Lucia from the Blue Spire and lied to Leo about a monster on top of the Spire. Soon realizing that he had been tricked, Leo followed Hiro, chasing him through countless dangerous situations, even as Hiro gained more allies in his cause – including Ronfar, who had taken up a life of drinking, gambling and philandering.

Leo, frustrated with his own failure to stop the alleged Destroyer, grew more and more intense in his pursuits, which eventually paid off. He was able to capture Lucia and her allies when they accidentally boarded the Destiny in Azado, thinking that it was really their ride to Pentagulia. He reveled in his victory a few moments before interrogating Hiro – an interrogation that was cut short when Hiro and his friends began to reveal just what was going on in the peaceful-appearing place. This, however, was also cut short by a rain of unholy flame that seemed to originate from a giant statue of Althena at the shrine. Remarking on the horror of the situation, Leo became convinced to free Hiro, Ronfar and Ruby from their bonds and went with them to investigate, discovering a dark cult within the holy shrine’s very walls. Leo found himself speechless. Doing his best to shake it off, Leo and the others rushed in an attempt to save the city, encountering a
strange, bird-like creature composed of the same unholy flame that was falling upon the city.

Despite all this, Leo still felt driven to obey Althena’s will – but instead of executing the group on the spot, as his orders were, Leo released the group from their bonds, declaring it to be Althena’s judgment. Riddled with guilt over his wavering, Leo was on the verge of sentencing himself to death when Mauri appeared. With a cold light in her eyes and cruelty in her voice, Mauri reprimanded Leo sharply for his failure and prepared to kill Hiro and his friends. Leo stepped in, threatening to smite his own sister should she interfere with his duty. She relented, even as she mocked Leo’s insubordination and Ronfar’s own heresy. Torn, Leo apologized to Lucia and her protectors and expressed his hope that she would be able to meet the Goddess.

That night, Leo was wracked with indecision and guilt, sadly reflecting on his decisions and his sister’s own actions. He hid this well, however, providing his former enemies with safe passage as he promised, nonetheless telling Hiro that he would not hesitate to execute Lucia if she attempted to harm Althena.

Upon arrival to Pentagulia, Leo welcomed Hiro and his group and greeted Ghaleon, addressing him as “Dragonmaster,” although taking offense at Ghaleon’s suggestion that he was not wholly loyal to the Goddess. He then excused himself to announce the others’ arrival to Althena, later warning Hiro and Lucia, who were to meet the Goddess, to “be on [their] best behavior”. He silenced Lucia as she doubted the truth of the “Goddess” of the city, later watching as Ghaleon stopped Lucia from (apparently) harming the Goddess and taking her prisoner. He requested to be allowed to judge Hiro himself, who he considered an innocent in the matter, and was gravely insulted by Ghaleon once again, who insinuated that Leo was “too good for his own good.” Despite this, he rescued Hiro and his comrades. Guilt-stricken and torn, Leo chose to stay behind, eventually dueling Hiro and leaving him the Dragonship Destiny when he lost. It was several weeks later
that, at last, he opted to join Hiro for good and rescue Lucia, who had been captured by Zophar (the true Destroyer and the real reason behind the calamities, including Mauri’s strange illness and behavior).

After a long and grueling battle, the group barely managed a victory against the evil god, and Lucia and the world was saved. The heavy weight on his conscience lessened, Leo opted to leave once more to search for new meaning in his existence, and took up the lifestyle of a wandering adventurer, helping those in need (although he occasionally bumbled along the way). After several months of this, he climbed to the top of an ancient ruin, only to slip…

Personality: The former White Knight of Althena, though young, is strong-willed and capable, having proven himself a more than adequate leader and protector time and again - when he’s not being blinded by his own sense of right and wrong, that is (though he’s better at it than he once was). He’s a stalwart believer in justice, to the point where he will gladly put his life on the line if he believes there’s an injustice to be corrected. However, he’s had some tough and incredibly bitter pills to swallow, namely the Goddess he followed and adored turning out to be a fake who had been manipulating him the whole time. This has led Leo to be more self-sufficient when it comes to making his own decisions, and although he’s as stalwart as ever, he’s still reeling privately from the knowledge of what he helped cause. He’d never admit it, even to his closest friends, but the whole situation left him with a huge guilt complex. Despite this,
Leo is as good-hearted as he was before, willing to rush in and save somebody in trouble should he think they need it (even if they don’t). He’s even more devoted to doing the right thing than ever before, and if he stumbles along the way, at least he’s learning.

Leo is still rather gullible and hot-headed, although he’s less likely to fall for things on the first try now and has developed an (at first) unnoticeable distrust for authority. His experiences have humbled him and made him less distant; he’s now more likely to show warmth and joke around than he was before, although he’s still pretty awkward about it.

The fight against Zophar, the would-have-been Destroyer of Lunar, has steeled Leo once again, and he’s confident he can take on any challenge that stands in his way. So far, he’s been right.

Fears: Fears: Leo fears neither death or pain. Failure, however, is a new fear that’s begun to well up—and it no longer concerns his former duty, as it once did. No, Leo now fears failing his sister, restored and saved from the false Althena’s machinations, his friends, and the world. He’s haunted by his guilt over the past, although he doesn’t show it, and is afraid of repeating it—and frankly, he’d rather die than hurt innocents as he once did, however unknowingly.

Weaknesses: Leo is as stubborn as ever, with his great love of justice often blinding him to the truth – even to the point of fighting his former best friend, Ronfar, and attacking countless innocents (although Leo was unaware of it at the time) on the orders of the false goddess he served. He is also gullible, although less so, and he once was tricked into being imprisoned on his own ship by Ronfar and Hiro. Though Leo is resilient, he can be driven to shattering self-doubt, especially after the events that nearly destroyed his own world, which were partially thanks to him. His sense of honor can also be considered a weakness, as Leo completely refuses to attack whomever he believes to be innocent.

If his Warrior’s Crest is taken, Leo will be back to his normal strength in battle—and although that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, whomever holds that crest can equip it to themselves, gaining the same boost, especially if the Goddess Crest is with it. (Alone, the Goddess Crest does nothing.)

Mundane Strengths/Abilities: Strengths/Abilities: Leo is an excellent swordsman, and even now is said to be wholly unrivaled in all of Lunar (whether or not this is true is another matter). Even without sword in hand, however, Leo is incredibly strong and agile and has a high amount of physical defense, able to withstand a great deal of damage. He also has a good sense of smell, to the point of being able to sniff out his own kind, as well as having excellent hearing.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: All inhabitants of Lunar can, apparently, see ghosts and even attack them (though physical attacks won’t do much damage, if any, unless powered up via magic). Leo is also skilled in the usage of holy light and the earth element in battle. Though he doesn’t know much in the way of spells, his magical abilities are as follows:

Rock Cobra: Leo casts an earth spell at a single opponent, in which a heavy rock materializes and hits his opponent. This is more powerful than its previous incarnation.
Crack Zone: An attack that hits all enemies in the form of an earthquake. Like Rock Cobra, this is more powerful than its previous incarnation.
Flash Blade: Leo charges his blade with holy light and strikes his opponent multiple times.
Buzz Blade: Leo throws holy light at a group of enemies.
Grizzle Blade: Leo’s blade glows and nearly doubles in size. He uses his blade to throw the light at his opponents.
Rock Riot: An attack in which Leo summons boulders to crush a group of foes.

Soul Blade: Leo siphons an enemies life energy (HP in video game tones) from an enemy and uses it to heal himself.

Earth Prayer: Leo mutters a quick prayer to his Goddess, gaining a boost in attack and defense that lasts the entire battle.

Supply List: Leo also has a variety of healing items on his person, which are as follows:

Healing Herb (2): A leafy green plant that, when consumed (through tea or simply eating it) or pressed to wounds, heals a small amount of damage. If a sprig is planted, a bush may grow.

Health Nut (2): A stronger healing item than the Healing Herb, this can only be eaten, but heals at least twice the damage as the herb. It can also be tended and, if cared for properly, can result in the growth of more.

Star Light (2): These rare and precious items are made of starlight crystallizing into solid orbs. Pressing them to one’s heart restores some magical energy.

Angel’s Tears (1): These items are even more precious than Star Lights, though a great deal more common. Angel’s Tears are kept in a holy container, and when given to a severely injured or even dying person can restore them enough to keep them alive.

In lieu of the White Dragon Crest, which once carried until he gave it to Hiro, Leo now holds the Goddess Crest, which greatly increases the effect of other crests worn (it is useless without another crest) and the Warrior Crest, which increases his physical strength. With these, Leo is a nigh-unstoppable force in battle—and even without it, he’s still impressive. Leo also has his old, dressier set of clothes (a white-and-red outfit that rather resembles a military uniform, along with a white domino mask) in his pack, along with travel rations (light sources, food, etc.).